The conclusion of VISION 2020 poses new challenges in the global blindness prevention program. The new strategy, 2030 in Sight, aims to create access to quality eye health services, prioritizing preventable blindness and eliminating barriers that hinder the full participation of patients with permanent vision impairments. This can be achieved through collaboration and cooperation among ophthalmologists, governments, and various relevant sectors, from local to global levels, with the expectation of fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sumatera Ophthalmologist Meeting (SOM) is one of the platforms for scientific activities and camaraderie among members of the Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (PERDAMI) branches across Sumatera, held regularly. The purpose of this event is to enhance the knowledge and skills of PERDAMI members in Sumatera in line with the advancements in science and technology, addressing the needs of the community.

The 15th SOM is entrusted to PERDAMI Sumatera Barat and carries the theme “From the Pandemic to 2030 In Sight: Ending Avoidable Sight Loss.” This event will be held in Bukittinggi from March 2 to 4, 2023.