National Glaucoma Meeting 2-3 June 2023- Manado

National Glaucoma Meeting 2-3 June 2023 – Manado.

The 9th National Glaucoma Meeting with the theme “MANGUNI” (Manado Advance Glaucoma Update and New Insight), held on June 2-3, 2023 at Four Points Hotel, Manado, has concluded successfully. This event is an important annual gathering for glaucoma experts in Indonesia. PT. Ophthalindo Jaya is present and has opened a booth at this exceptionally important event.

In an effort to enhance understanding and stay updated on the latest developments in glaucoma, the event managed to attract more than 300 participants, including ophthalmologists, optometrists, eye nurses, and other eye healthcare professionals from all over Indonesia. MANGUNI served as a significant platform for them to share knowledge, update information related to glaucoma, and gain new insights into the management of this eye condition.

The 9th National Glaucoma Meeting also featured various scientific presentations, panel discussions, and workshops led by leading glaucoma experts. This provided an opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge in the field and share the latest experiences and discoveries in glaucoma management.

With the success of this event, it is hoped that more glaucoma patients will receive appropriate treatment, and eye healthcare professionals will continue to enhance their understanding and expertise in dealing with this eye condition.

National Glaucoma Meeting 2-3 June 2023- Manado