ECHOSON Biometry ABP-Scan

ECHOSON Biometry ABP-Scan


  • Display modes: B, B+A, B+B
  • A-mode for selected line
  • 256 Levels Gray Scale
  • Digital multimode image processing
  • Measurements and calculations (distances, area, length, angle)
  • Cine memory – 2×6 sec.
  • ZOOM function


ECHOSON Biometry ABP-Scan

Biometry ABP-Scan for measuring implanted lenses, for examining the inside of the eye in cataract patients, and for measuring the corneal thickness of patients’ eyes.

Biometry ABP-Scan

  • Probe frequency – 12/15 MHz
  • Scanning angle  – 55ᵒͦ
  • Range of scan 20..60 mm
  • Gain/dymamics up to 110dB / 90dB
  • 256 Levels Gray Scale
  • Axial clinical resolution  – 0.12 mm
  • Lateral clinical resolution –  0.3 mm
  • Display modes: B, B+A, B+B
  • A-mode for selected line CV (in Run and Freeze modes)
  • Dynamic Range Correction
  • Image cache memory  M1..M4  independent for right and left eyes
  • Zoom function (x2) in Run and Freeze modes
  • Digital Gain Correction in  Freeze mode
  • Cineloop function (about 6 second) independent for left/right eyes
  • Distances  measurements with ultrasound velocity correction
  • Area and angle measurements
  • Pointers, comments entered by the user
  • Composite video output for videoprinter
Additional information

Additional information